Prohibited Materials & Items

General information

We aim at making your shopping experience as excellent as it can be. Hence, and to make sure you don’t face any challenging situations when it comes to shipping different products, we would like to recommend that you avoid shipping products that are classified as Unacceptable Materials for shipping. to know more about those products and commodities, please visit the website of the below service providers so you can see a list of those products.

Prohibited Materials & Items

At SkyWay Express Company, we specialize in transporting a wide range of goods, including large items, worldwide. However, in adherence to various international regulations, there are certain items we are unable to ship for safety reasons.

Safety remains our utmost priority when shipping goods globally, and you may be surprised to learn that everyday items such as perfumes and aerosols can be classified as ‘dangerous’.

To provide clarity on what can and cannot be sent, we’ve compiled a guide outlining the items prohibited or restricted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which therefore cannot be shipped via SkyWay Express Company.

Please note that while this list is comprehensive, it may not cover every prohibited item. If you have any uncertainties regarding specific items, please reach out to us for clarification before proceeding.

Commonly Prohibited Items:

  1. High-Value Items: Couriers typically impose limits on the value of goods that can be shipped. Therefore, items like jewelry, precious metals and stones, and antiques, particularly if fragile, may not be eligible for shipping. For items of high monetary or sentimental value, consider opting for recorded delivery.

  2. Monetary Items: Sending currency or monetary items such as lottery tickets, traveler’s cheques, credit cards, and credit card readers is prohibited. For international money transfers, we recommend using a reliable money transfer service.

  3. Unidentifiable Items: We cannot ship items that cannot be properly identified with labeling or are in unmarked packaging. This includes substances, chemicals, liquids, non-prescription medications, vitamins, supplements, food items, and powders.

  4. Hazardous Materials: Hazardous items, including explosive, toxic, and dangerous products such as asbestos, radioactive materials, explosives, poisons, combustible materials, and human body parts or remains, cannot be shipped.

  5. Military Items & Weapons: Military items, including weapons and equipment like night vision or infrared cameras, tasers, pepper spray, and law enforcement uniforms, are prohibited from shipping.

  6. Drugs and Tobacco Products: Illegal narcotics as well as restricted items such as tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes and liquids, and many prescription medications cannot be shipped.

  7. Pornographic and Obscene Material: Distribution of pornographic material, including videos and DVDs, is prohibited in many countries.

  8. Animals & Plants: Live animals, insects, animal carcasses or furs, live plants, plant materials, and plant seeds cannot be shipped.

Restricted Items: Some items are restricted and may incur additional fees or cannot be shipped to certain countries. Please contact Customer Services for further information.

We may be able to ship some of these items depending on the product, size, and destination country. Restricted items include:

  • Perfumes, Colognes, Eau de toilette, After Shave
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Nail polish and Nail Polish Remover
  • Cigarette lighters, gas lighters
  • Some hair care products
  • Compressed gas or gas cylinders
  • Engine and Motor oil
  • Turpentine and Paint Thinners
  • Some household cleaners
  • Paint and paint guns
  • Stains & Varnishes
  • Solvents, Glue, and Adhesives
  • Printer toner cartridges
  • Alcohol – international shipment only via UPS and limited to certain countries
  • Steering wheels with Air Bags
  • Lithium Batteries

Please note that certain types of lithium batteries are considered “Dangerous Goods” due to the risk of fire. New regulations restrict the shipment of these batteries. Ensure to check your product specifications carefully against the outlined restrictions. For more information, refer to the IATA guidelines here.

We do not ship any lithium batteries (ion or metal type) confirmed or suspected to be defective or damaged.

SkyWay Express Company strictly prohibits items that are prohibited by any laws, regulations, or statutes of any federal, state, or local government of any country through which the shipment may be carried. Items requiring a special license for transportation are also prohibited. Moreover, items that could damage equipment, personnel, or other packages are not accepted.

SkyWay Express Company reserves the right to halt a shipment at any stage of processing in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

While SkyWay Express Company ensures compliance with IATA shipping regulations, we have successfully shipped millions of parcels to thousands of addresses.